How To Submit Abstract

Abstract should be uploaded as pdf file via “browse” button in registration form (link here) using following standard:

Type it at one side of A4 size, margin on all four sides are 2 cm, using font Arial size 10 and should be given line numbers, in 1.5 space line.

State the objective specific and clearly. Give a brief account of the methods. Identify scientific names of plants, other organisms, and chemicals. State the results, conclusions, or recommendations. Abstract should not be more than 200 characters which has no reference and accompanied keywords. Abstract must be integrated and independent which consist of introduction, purpose, methods, results, conclusion and suggestion. The keywords and phrases following the abstract should be alphabetically arranged and should reflect the contents of the paper. Manuscript should have keywords 3-5 words or phrases.

Please visit following link to submit abstract in registration form:
((link of registration form))