How To Submit Full Paper

Selected full papers will be published in international journal indexed by scopus (AGRIVITA), and another accepted papers in this conference will have chance to publish in journal PLANTA TROPIKA.

Full article should be uploaded as pdf file via “browse” button in submission full paper form (link here) using following standard:

Type it at one side of A4 size, margin on all four sides are 2 cm, using font Arial size 10 and should be given line numbers, in 1.5 space line.

Standard Format for full paper:

Title, consist of no more than 20 words. It should be written clear and concise in describing the contents of the research.
Manuscript has main author and co authors with full name of the author and co-authors (no abbreviation), includes address (es) and email addresses clearly.
State the objective specific and clearly, as to what it is to be obtained. Give a brief account of the methods. Identify scientific names of plants, other organisms, and chemicals.  State results succinctly. State conclusions or recommendations and link them to the significance of the work.  Abstract should not be more than 200 characters which has no reference and accompanied keywords. Abstract must be integrated and independent which consist of introduction, purpose, methods, results, conclusion and suggestion.

The key words and phrases following the Abstract should be alphabetically arranged and should reflect the contents of the paper. Manuscript should have keywords 3-5 words or phrases.
Presents brief and clear information concerning background, aim and purpose of the research.
It should mention time and place of the research in the first part. All materials and methods that used such as chemical for analysis, treatment and experimental design must be stated clear and briefly.
Result and discussion must be written in the same part. They should be presented continuously start from the main result to the supporting results and equipped with a discussion. Unit of measurement used should follow the prevailing international system. All figures and tables in manuscript should be active and able to be edited by editor.


Conclusion should be explained clearly.
State the grant source and the person to whom the grant was given. Name the person to help you work.
The author–year notation system is required and completed.  All reference mentioned should be written down in reference and arranged from the oldest to newest and from A to Z. Articles have 10 recent references or over and 60% is journal.  The most of references are primary ones (last five years).
Unpublished data and personal communication should not be cited as literature citations, but given in the text in parentheses. “In Press” articles that have been accepted for publication may be cited in references. Include in the citation the journal in which the “in press” article will appear and the publication date, if a date is available.


Example :
Reference to a journal publication :
Aini, L. L. Suryani, A.N. Sugiharto and A.L. Abadi. 2013. Identification of bacterial wilt and leaf blight disease on maize (Zea mays) found in Kediri Indonesia. AGRIVITA. 35(1): 1-7. Doi: 10.17503/Agrivita.v38i1.659

Reference to a book :
Bolda, M.L., L. Tourte, K.M. Klonskyk and R.L. de Moura. 2005. Sample cost to produce fresh market rasberries. Berkeley: University of California Cooperative extension. p. 20

Reference to a chapter in an edited book :
Sauvard, D. 2004. General biology of bark beetle: Bark and wood boring insect in living trees in Europe, a synthesis. In: Lieutier, F., K.R. Day, A. Battisti, J.C. Gregoire and H.F.  Evans. (eds.). Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers. pp. 63-88.

Reference in proceeding :
Lippe, M., N.V. Dung, T.D. Vien, T.T. Kien, T. Hilger and G. Cadisch. 2007. WaNuLCAS modelling of improved swidden agriculture systems by indigenous fallow management with Melia azedarach in the uplands of Ban Tat, Northern Vietnam. Proceedings of International Agricultural Research for Development Conference. pp. 263-270. Germany: University of Kassel-Witzenhausen and University of Göttingen.